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Avni SafePad : Certified Antimicrobial Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad


What’s in the pack?

2  Nos of Avni Safe Pads depending on the pad type selected.

Why choose this product?

Avni Safepad is world’s first antimicrobial cloth pad.This brand of reusable menstrual pads has a technology that deactivates microorganisms. The fabric itself is treated with a positively charged layer that attracts and kills negatively charged microbes, like bacteria and fungi. The charged fabric along with a highly absorbent material inside gives you a comfortable and hygienic experience. The treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals. The strength and durability due to this process is very high hence the pad can be used over and over again retaining its antimicrobial effect up to 75 washes (around 3 years).

Day pad: Length 27.5 cms, Width 20 cms, Absorption: 15-20 ml
Night pad: Length 33 cms, Width 20 cms, Absorption: 20-30 ml.

Key Benefits:

  • Tested antimicrobial technology protects from 4 types of vaginal infections while in use with 99.9% efficacy
  • 3 layers of high-performance fabrics for rapid absorption, leak proofing, dry feel
  • The breathable top layer prevents irritation, chaffing which occurs from usage of plastic-based pads
  • The best cloth pads in India for tweens, teenagers, and women of all age groups to give skin the space to breathe
  • Ideal use: The entire period cycle, sensitive skin, on spotting days, low flow days, night time
  • Can be hand/machine washed with regular detergents and gentle use of brush
  • No antibiotics, No stains, No pilling after prolonged use

Additional information

Pad Type

Day & Night Pad, Day Pad, Night Pad