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BioQ : Seed Pencils (Pack of 12)


What’s in the pack?

It consists of 12 plantable pencils, packaged in a recycled Kraft paper box

Why choose this product?

These pencils, made out of recycled paper are a sustainable alternative to wood pencils – with the same promise of dark and smooth writing.
The writing core is made out of graphite and clay and is of the same 2B standard that wooden writing instruments have. These pencils can be sharpened with any regular 2B pencil sharpener. The pencils are given a colorful look using non-toxic edible colors.
From use and throw to use and grow: These eco friendly pencils promise to “do more good” and not just “less harm” – all pencils have Government approved seeds attached to them. At the end of their useful life, these pencils can be planted!