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BubbleNut Wash : Combo Cleaner Pack


What’s in the pack?
One bottle of 500ml of Natural Laundry Detergent
One bottle of 500ml of Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner

Why choose this?
BubbleNut Wash Laundry liquid is a pure aqueous extract of Soapnuts hence it is mild on skin and perfect for washing clothes of babies and people with delicate skin.

Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner Liquid is a pure aqueous extract of Soapnuts useful for cleaning various surfaces like TV/Laptop screens, Glass tops, Table tops, windows and mirrors.

Key benefits :
• Mild on skin. Perfect for washing babies and people with sensitive skin
• Gentle on clothes
• Keeps fabric pests away: being a natural pesticide, expensive clothes are less vulnerable to fabric insects and pest attack
• Light on environment : After wash water is fully bio degradable and non toxic, and can be used to water plants
• Saves water : Does not leave much detergent residue so less water is required to rinse clothes


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