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Ceiba Green : Starter Kit


What’s in the pack?
1 Reusable Straight Steel Straw
1 Reusable Bent Steel Straw
1 Natural Straw Cleaner
1 Bamboo Fork
1 Bamboo Table Spoon
1 Bamboo Handle Tooth Brush
1 Bamboo Tongue Scraper
2 Natural Loofahs
2 Bamboo Straws
1 Handmade Cloth Pouch made of leftover but unique textile fabric
1Ā Canvas Tote Bag
1 MultiCompartment Bag

Why choose this product?
The Ceiba Green All in One Combo lets you live guilt free and in style. Eat, drink, brush travel without any worry of spoiling the earth you live in. It only adds to your happiness and nothing to the plastic waste of the surrounding. The eco-friendly travel pouch made from waste fabric adds to the green living.