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Kamarkattu: Coir Utensil Scrub Pad(Pack of 5)


What’s in the pack?
This consists 1 pack of coir utensil scrub pad

Why choose this?

The coir scrub pads for dish washing made by artisans through an initiative of Coir Board – Ethamozhy.

  • Soft natural coir fibre for excellent scrubbing, softened by proprietary chemical free methods of Ethamozhy.
  • Exclusive use of long bristles alone to reduce shedding and avoid clogging of drains.
  • Contains no synthetic ingredients or binding materials.
  •  100% Food safe.
  • Does not leave scratches on teflon and coated utensils.
  • The more effective natural alternative to metal scrub pads and green plastic pads.
  • Can be used on hot utensils. Fibres do not melt. Fibres do not clog drains.
  • Free from glues and rubber

Key Benefits:

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