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Kamarkattu: single hockey toilet washing brush


What’s in the pack?
This consists 1 pack of hockey toilet washing brush

Why choose this?

Coir Single Hockey toilet cleaning brush- made by artisans through an initiative of Coir Board – Ethamozhy.

The Coir Single Hockey Toilet Cleaning Brush is the most handy option for cleaning modern closets. It can reach every nook and corner and make them squeaky clean. It does not leave scratch marks on closets. Does not damage them and washes them without a splashing dirt and water.

It is made of 100% natural coir and seasoned rubber wood plantation timber which is a sustainable source of wood.

The Coir Single Hockey toilet cleaning brush is made fully out of natural materials. The brush handle is made of plantation timber which means no forests are destroyed during the process. The bristles are made of 100% naturally processed coir fibre. Coir bristles are excellent for washing purposes. Unlike most plastics that are slippery on closets, the surface of coir fibre are coarse and hence clean off the dirt easily. They do not damage or scratch the expensive surfaces of closets. Also the bristles are soft and hence do not splash the dirt and water during usage.

  • Light weight, easy to hold rubber wood handle
  • No colours used. Fully made of natural coir bristles
  • Reaches almost all nooks and corners of most closets
  • Sturdy bristles, do not fall during normal usage
  • Lasts for year under normal usage

Key Benefits:

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