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Kuki & Mani’s Climate Quest (Set of 5 Books)


  1. What’s in the pack?

The pack contains a set of 5 books with given topics covered:
Book 1: Introduction to Climate Change
Book 2: Science behind climate change
Book 3: Forest fires
Book 4: Sea level rise
Book 5: Daily actions one can take to reduce climate change impact

Why choose this?

“Kuki & Mani’s Climate Quest” isn’t just a series; it is an adventure calling out kids aged 6 and above. These 5 short tales, each alive with 1000-1200 words, are a burst of curiosity and warmth. The grandmother figures as a guide who uses science in her narratives concerning climate change as Kuki and Mani solve the mystery of this condition. This series is not just about environmental problems but also about how our nature on Earth operates.

It also includes experiments, activities, and amazing facts to entertain the kids. With engaging narration, kid-friendly humour, and a dash of realism, these stories are poised to be a stellar addition to your distinguished collection.