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Miracle Enzyme: Sopanut ME | Multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant


What’s in the pack?

This pack consists of 1lt and 5lt of soapnut me Multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant. (As per your option selection)

Why choose this?

Miracle Enzyme is an entirely natural, organic and chemical-free multipurpose cleaner for your home that not only does its job but also as a by-product ends up cleaning the environment once it goes down the drain.

The microbes in bio-enzymatic cleaners are able to reach very small cracks and crevices on surfaces, which means they can eliminate soiling and malodours that traditional chemicals often cannot.

Soapnut ME has natural saponins (soapnuts) in it along with bio enzyme and lemon essential oil which makes it a good replacement for washing clothes and utensils and toilets.

Key Benefits:

  • Use it as a multipurpose cleaner and disinfect various surfaces like flooring, glass windows, countertops, and so on.
  • Use for cleaning greasy utensils.
  • These can repel small insects, ants and cockroaches at home.
  • Deodorise any space by spraying a solution of 1 part bio enzyme with 3 parts of water.
  • It is perfect for cleaning the bathroom sink and W.C.
  • Suitable for cleaning the tiles and grout because the bacteria can enter small cracks or crevices to remove soils and malodors.
  • Can de-clog a drain by pouring the solution into it.
  • These are effective in removing limescale deposits from the taps and steel appliances.
  • Can be used to wash our clothes.

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1 litre, 5 litre