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Palmera : Vegetable Wash Concentrate


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What’s in the pack?

It consists of one Palmera Vegetable Wash Concentrate of 225 ml.

Why choose this product?

This Vegetable Wash Concentrate is an ideal product for the current COVID situation where people are worried about the hygiene levels of vegetables coming from markets.
Since this is to be used on vegetables, we have made sure this is free from any sort of fragrance, no sulphur, SLS or SLES etc. The ingredients are pure coconut oil, water and lye.
This is more effective than washing vegetables with baking soda, vinegar or any other home remedies. Coconut oil has one of the highest cleaning abilities among fats used for soap making. This concentrate is also effective against the dirt, pesticide residues, fertilizers, synthetic colouring agents, waxes and preservatives that are left remaining on the surface of the vegetables.
This product is completely made by women entrepreneurs.