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Pepaa : Mega Plantable Stationery Gift Box


What’s in the pack ?
The mega plantable stationery gift box includes 10 eco-friendly color pencils in a tube, 5 Plantable Seed Pencils and 5 Plantable Seed Pens in a tube, 1 Plantable Notepad, 1 Grow Kit, and 1 Jute bag.

Why buy this product?
The mega plantable stationery gift box is undoubtedly the best gift idea ever which is both useful and purposeful.  It is full of items that one can use, and the message behind this gift box is simply heart touching. In fact, this box of plantable stationery has a hidden second gift as well. It is the seed embedded in the stationery items that grow up to be trees once planted.

  • Key Benefits :
    Makes for an amazing gift for basically anyone – a colorful collection of stationery items that are not only good to look at but also good for nature.
  • Pepaa enables a circular economy alongside hundreds of rural women and over 800 organic farmers by creating sustainable products from post-consumer waste