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Pepaa : Plantable Notebooks(Pack of 5)


What’s in the pack?
05 Plantable Notebooks

Why buy this product?
Pepaa’s plantable notebooks are a 100% biodegradable product that is made of paper that is’s handcrafted from waste and is a hundred percent recycled to start with. An average notebook with an A4 size sheet needs about 5 litres of water to be produced, let alone the trees that are cut. So you are not only saving our precious water resources but also protecting our rapidly depleting forest spread. Our plantable notebook is made from waste materials already present on the earth. Thus, you are reducing the mounds of garbage that is existing.  In addition, this sheet of recycled and reused paper is embedded with seeds. These seeds are handpicked with care to suit your location’s climate. Once you are done using the sheet of paper, all you have to do it plant it in a pot of soil and watch it turn itself alive into a lovely flower. Thus, ultimately you are contributing to giving back to the environment by adding more greenery.

Key Benefits :

  • Plantable Notebooks are a great option for those creative bugs who love writing and drawing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to watch your writings and drawings bloom into lovely flowers instead of being left alone in garbage bins?
  • Giving a plantable seed paper notebook to your clients,employees, friends, and family will make them feel extremely special and will instantly convey your message and commitment towards the well being of the planet in a simple but impactful way.
  • Pepaa’s plantable notebook is more than  just a notebook. It’s a gift, a companion, and most importantly it is nature’s best friend.

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Pack of 05