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Pepaa : Plantable Seed Pencils (Pack of 100 in a tube)


What’s in the pack?
100 Plantable Seed Pencils in a tube

Why buy this product?

The usage of pencils in our daily routine is quite large, hence to prevent this consumption, plantable seed pencils are the only alternative. These eco-friendly pencils are made from recycled paper, unlike regular pencils, which are made from cutting down virgin wood. Regular pencils can not be planted or reused once they are disposed of, but this is not the case with plantable seed pencils. You can use them, and then when you are done, just put them in a pot, add manure and soil, water it regularly, and watch the sprout grow into a plant within a week.

Key Benefits :

  • Plantable seed pencils are biodegradable
  • Can be planted after use
  • Edible food colors present
  • It is made from a seed mixture
  • Promotes eco-friendly cause
  • Pencils are made from 100% natural material
  • Very much affordable
  • The seeds used in these plantable pencils are not genetically modified seeds