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Praacheen Vidhaan: Black Hair oil


What’s in the pack?

This consists of 1 packs of Natural Black Hair oil of 250ml.

Why choose this?

Cold pressed coconut oil sun macerated with herbs( Henna, Indigo, Bhringraj, Moringa, Amla and curry leaves which are proven to arrest greying of hair) to help hair become strong, black, shiny, soft, lustrous and to prevent greying. Herbs macerated black Hair Oil is basked in sun for 7-8 weeks, filtered and mixed with cold pressed black seed oil & rosemary essential oil.

Key Features

  • Controls dandruff
  • It promotes for a long, soft and shiny hair
  • It prevents splits, scalp infections and premature grey
  • Improves shine, thickness and overall health of hair


Black Hair oil