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Praacheen Vidhaan: Cloth Pouch + Straws + Straw Cleaner


What’s in the pack?

This pack consists of two steel straws, one sisal fiber straw cleaning brush and one carry pouch.

Why choose this product?

These Eco friendly, reusable, steel straws are easy to carry and use daily. Great for when you’re on the go, be it a party or a trip, throw one in your purse, backpack, or glove compartment and reduce your plastic waste. Support the plastic straw ban and switch to reusable steel straws. Switching the straw may seem small on the individual level, but the impact it can have on the environment and animals is huge.

Sisal straw cleaner is handmade in India using biodegradable, environmentally friendly sisal fiber. Stainless steel wire joins the sisal fibers together to form a natural brush and made of high-quality steel wire, these straw cleaners don’t rust.

The y pouch is made of soft and comfortable Unbleached cotton and a draw string cotton twine. Perfect for carrying steel straws, straw cleaner, cutlery , pens and pencils.

Key Features

  • The steel straws are good to use with juices, coconut water, mocktails, buttermilk, cocktails and sodas, Can be used by children and all age groups.
  • The sisal fibers don’t harm the water channels and aquatic animals as they are of plant material and completely biodegrade, whereas the plastic ones create microplastics which remain in water channels forever harming the aquatic life.
  • Portable and is small and light so with this pouch you can carry your straws and cutlery wherever you go.
  • At the end of its useful life the strawbag and sisal brush can be composted. The straws can be recycled at the nearest kabadiwala or recycler.
  • Packaged in simple brown food grade paper cover with paper tapes.