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Praacheen Vidhaan: Smoothie Coconut Shell Bowl


What’s in the pack?

This consists of 1 unit of Coconut Shell Bowl with diameter approx. 13 to 14 cms and height approx 5cms in a semi matt finish.


Smoothie coconut shell bowl is made from king coconut shells (from the land of coconuts – kerala).Each shell is hand made by the local artisans making the bowl unique. Each coconut bowl is hand processed with care. The shells are cut, sanded to remove the husk, polished with coconut oil and dried in sun. Every bowl has its own unique shape and design, after all its natural. Unlike plastics, which are made from various chemical compounds, these Coconut Bowls are 100% natural. From tree to table, these bowls are never exposed to chemicals that could cause harm to our health and wellbeing.

Key Features

  • Can hold upto 800 to 900ml of liquid
  • Can be sued for having salads, soups, fruits, rice, porridge, chats, for serving, as a snack bowl, ice cream or cereals, for porridge, to mix masks and packs etc
  • Coconut bowls can last a lifetime with the right care and are very durable
  • At the end of its life or incase of breakage to the shell use it as planter to grow micro greens or small garden plants
  • Packed in newpaper and paper shredding


Coconut Shell Bowl – Big