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Praacheen Vidhaan: Kaolin Clay Powder


What’s in the pack?

This consists of 1 pack of Kaolin Clay Powder of 100gm.

Why choose this product?

Kaolin, also known as white clay or china clay, is a soft clay that’s been used in China for centuries to create porcelain products. It’s also used widely in skin care products, toothpastes, and hair products. Deep cleanses and purifies the skin and adds intense glow to the dull skin. Helps to lighten suntan and lightens skin complexion. Deeply moisturizes the skin and lightens the appearance of blemishes and dark spots. Kaolin is one of the mildest and purest of all natural clays.

Key Features

  • Kaolin has several benefits, such as preventing acne, managing dry skin, and absorbing excess oil or sebum.
  • Kaolin has netural ph and is suitable for all skin types.
  • It comes in a simple brown food grade paper cover with paper tapes and paper sticker labels.
  • The grey water can be used for plants and garden.


Kaolin Clay Powder