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Praacheen Vidhaan: Premium Natural Dishwash Powder


What’s in the pack?

This bundle contains 1 pack of Premium Natural Dishwash Powder of 250gms.


The premium natural dishwash powder is made of naturally occuring saponins powder from berries & pods, antibacterial and antifungal powders from natural herbs, seeds and fruits, leaf based conditioners and ash(ethically sourced from brick kilns which use paddy husks and eucalyptus leaves and twigs). The dishwash powder does not leave behind any residues and remnants in the form of white scum on the vessels and also the grey water(washed water) is eco-friendly and is an excellent water for your plants. There by savingĀ  energy(electricity) and water, hence discharging very less waste to the environment. Our premium product is 100% biodegradable. The product is completely safe for using it on babies and kids vessels too.

Key Features

  • Removes oil and grease from utensils and containers effectively
  • Soft and gentle on the hands
  • Leaves dishes smelling fresh and clean with a lovely natural fragrance


Premium Natural Dishwash Powder