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Rustic Art :Sandal Soap


What’s in the Pack?

01 Rustic Art Sandal Soap Bathing Soap.

Why choose this product?

The sandal is the perfect anti-aging friend that your skin will love. Removes tan, cures acne, and reduces inflammation with a great fragrance and cooling effect post use. Patchouli deodorizes the skin, while Sandal and cedarwood leave behind a rich, long-lasting fragrance for a rich shower experience. Turmeric is an antiseptic, anti-bacterial oil that also removes tan, acne and keeps the skin glowing. Each cold processed soap is handmade using the highest quality cold-pressed certified organic oils, essential oils, and herbs. It’s a balanced combination of hard oils like coconut and vegetable butter, and soft oils like sunflower, rice bran, sesame, flax seed, castor, and almond which create a soft lather and keep the skin moisturized.

Key Features:

  • Made with natural ingredients like sunflower, rice bran, sesame, flax seed, castor, and almond, aloe vera, and essential oils.
  • Kind to skin.
  • Each bar of soap is hand-wrapped in cotton fabric.



Additional information

Weight 0.105 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 9.3 × 3.0 cm