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Soaptreez : Natural Floor Cleaner


What’s in the pack?
01 Soaptreez Natural Floor Cleaner(500ml/5ltr).

Why choose this product?

Maintaining a home a clean and tidy place is one of the major chores. Especially the floors should be cleaner than anything else if we have toddlers and kids. The floors should be cleaned but not at the cost of health. So the need for a natural floor cleaner is catered by Soaptreez Natural Floor Cleaner. It can be used to clean all types of floors like marble, granite, tiles, etc.,

It removes the tough stain on the floors. Since it contains natural antimicrobial agents, it removes the microbes and makes the floor germ free. Soaptreez floor cleaner contains natural essential oil whose fragrance makes the cleaning work a pleasant one. Being biodegradable, it is safe for waterways. It is safe for people, safe for floors, and eco friendly too.

Key benefits :

  • Soaptreez Floor Cleaner is a natural product that contains plant ingredients, natural salts, and minerals.
  • Can be used to clean all types of floors like marble, granite, tiles, etc.,
  • Soaptreez Natural Floor Cleaner contains a natural antimicrobial ingredient, it not only cleans the floor but also removes the germs.
  • It acts on tough stains and removes them and makes the floor sparkling.
  • The essential oil used acts as a disinfectant and creates a lingering fragrance in the air.
  • Being made with natural ingredients, Soaptreez floor cleaner is safe for homes with kids and pets.
  • Free from toxic chemical fragrances and artificial colors.
  • Biodegradable so it is ecofriendly.

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5ltr, 500ml