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SochGreen : Discharge Underwear (Organic Cotton) (Hipster)


What’s in the pack?
01 Soch Organic Discharge Underwear (Organic Cotton) (Hipster), depending on the size selected

Mild Discharge Underwear
Mild Discharge is the most common type of discharge and is typically clear or whitish in colour. It may be thin or slightly thick and is usually odourless or has a mild odour. Mild discharge is often observed after menstruation and before ovulation.

Why is Discharge Important?

It is a normal part of a woman’s reproductive system and serves several important functions, such as keeping the vagina lubricated, preventing infections, and flushing out dead cells and bacteria.

Is Daily Discharge Normal?

Yes, daily discharge is normal. It is a sign that your vagina is healthy and functioning properly. The amount of discharge can vary from woman to woman, but it is usually about 1-2 teaspoons per day. The consistency of the discharge can also vary, but it is usually thin and watery.

Here are some of the signs that your vaginal discharge may be abnormal:

It is a different colour than usual, such as green, yellow, or brown.
It has a strong or foul Odor.
It is accompanied by itching, burning, or pain.
It is watery or frothy.
It is thick and clumpy.
If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to see your doctor right away.

Why choose this product?

About: Soch Green discharge underwear is reusable and washable which can last up to 70 machine washes, more if washed by hand.
Body Fabric: The panty is made of soft, breathable 95% Organic cotton and 5% spandex.
Leak Proof layer: laminated fabric backing that keeps everything off your clothes.
Usage: It can be used for daily discharge, white discharge, mild discharge or even for last day of menstrual bleeding and travel hygiene . The undies will keep you dry and fresh.
Wash Care:
We have used delicate organic fabrics that are super soft and have a comfortable feel.
Make sure that you do not use a brush to clean it.
To remove discharge, soak in regular or cold (not hot) soapy water for 30 min to 2 hours and gently rub with hand or use gentle machine wash.
It is best to be dried under the sun.
Do not use any fabric softeners as they may damage the PUL layer.
The size chart indicates the measurement of the Hip.


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