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Stonesoup Khaas : Lip Balm


What’s in the pack?

One Stonesoup Khaas Lip Balm  of 10ml .

Why choose this product?

  • The Lip balm contains beeswax, oils, and other ingredients. The Lip balm or lip salve is an oil and wax blend to be applied topically to the lips to moisturize and relieve chapped or dry lips or cold sores.

Key Features

  • Handmade, cold pressed, unrefined Kokum butter, Bees wax, Virgin Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Perfumery grade essential oils.
  • Best especially when the weather begins to get cold and skin starts to dry out.
  • Vaseline used most commonly is avoided as it’s a petroleum product that does not metabolize.