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StoneSoup Petals : Mandya Regular Pads (Set of 4)


What’s in the pack?

Four  washable cloth pad (regular) and instruction manual

Size: length: 24 cm, width: 8cm (without wings)

Why choose this product?

Mandya Regular Pads are soft, hypo-allergenic, washable cloth pads that can be used for period care for regular bleeders. They are compact to carry (can be folded to fit into a purse or a pocket),  easy-to-maintain (can be hand-washed or machine-washed), and rash-free. Rid yourself of the plastic-y feel and gift yourself some Petals comfort. These cloth pads have broad wings to minimize pant stains and hold them in place. They are leak-proof and come in a variety of colorful patterns to make period-time, fun-time! And by the way, these are eco-friendly as they save millions of disposables from the landfill!

Key Benefits:

1. Comfortable: Natural soft fabric, no Rashes, no risk of infections

2. Economical: No regular expenses

3. Eco-friendly: No trash

4. Broad Wings for better grip, no stains

5. Wider at the base to ensure no staining in the sleeping position

6. Hassle-free: Machine-washable

7. Colorful designer patterns to make period time a happy time.