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WhiteLeaf : Air Freshener For Room


What’s in the pack?

1 WhiteLeaf Natural Room Air Freshner

Why choose this product?

The WhiteLeaf Air Freshener is made of activated carbon and is best for enclosed spaces for approximately 150 sqt area.Apart from the odor of  smoke, food spills, sweat and dampness, it also absorbs emissions of paints, mats, furniture and flooring. Air freshener is important for homes these days, because, pollutants inside home is more than outside. WHO warns, it is one of main cause of new age ailments. Conventional air fresheners with fragrances is not helpful and can cause allergies, reactions. Other options are complex and costlier.

Key Features:

  • Unique, due to proprietary process content
  • Good design, blends along with your interior
  • Resources used for this room freshener is natural and renewable
  • Packed with jute and cotton blended fabric
  • Packaging in virgin craft paper board
  • Recommended for enclosed cabins, windows sealed and air conditioned rooms
  • No harm for pets and human
  • Works for 6 months