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WhiteLeaf : Fabric Shield(Pack of 5)


What’s in the pack?

5 packs of WhiteLeaf Fabric Shield , of 30gm each

Why choose this product?

The Whiteleaf Fabric Shield, consisting of 100% natural and pure activated charcoal is designed to take care of your  garments like your wedding wear, suits, silk sarees, kids garments  which are not used regularly and kept mostly in cupboard. Over a period these fabrics attract the smell of cupboard and if any moisture forms inside the cupboard, it become germination ground for all molds , mildews and bugs like silver bugs. As these fabrics too contains proteins of silk worm/cotton/ other organic materials it feeds those bugs. Whiteleaf- fabric shield, shields the formation of these bugs due to odor of cupboard or moisture.

Additionally, these garments are not washed often and given for dry wash and there are possibilities these solvent traces might remain in the fabric and could cause allergic when comes in direct contact with skin surface. Whiteleaf-Fabric shield absorbs those solvents too and helps the user to get themselves shielded from those chemicals.

Key Features

  • Elegant design and application-specific materials used to make this product safe and secure to use it along with your expensive garments
  • Works best for silk sarees, suits, wedding gowns, and other expensive garments
  • Works for 12 months
  • One pouch for one garment when hung in wardrobe or place it between two garments when stacked one above other