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Almitra Sustainables : Coconut Coir Double Hockey Toilet Brush


What’s in the pack?

1 Coconut Coir Double Hockey Toilet Brush

Why Choose this?

When it comes to a natural companion for cleaning your closets, there’s nothing better than a naturally antibacterial & scratch-free brush to do so.

Almitra Sustainables Double hockey coir toilet brush is a redefined version of the traditional brushes, which includes both natural elements & contemporary design that makes it unique. With natural coir bristles that are soft, antibacterial, and durable which helps to clean efficiently without leaving any scratches or any spots unclean. Its double hockey stick shape design helps to reach the difficult spots in the closets, ensuring a clean & bacteria-free environment.

Add this toilet brush to your bathroom for a hassle-free & natural toilet cleaning!


-Natural and antibacterial Coir Bristles

-Double-hockey stick shape design to reach difficult spots

-Long, lightweight & non-slip rubber wood handle for a comfortable wash

-Lasts for a year under normal usage

-Keeps the environment in your bathroom safe & hygienic naturally.

Key Benefits:

  • Free from Chemicals & Plastic
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Plant-based & Bio-degradable
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging