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Palmera : Mini Utensil Washing Kit


Whats in the pack?
6 Palmera Coir Dish Wash Utensil Scrubbers
1 Hard Scrub Brush for removing hard burnt marks and stains on utensils (replacement for metal scrubbers)
1 Palmera Pot Tawashi Brush ( Ideal for use either as a sink brush or pot brush)

Why choose this product?
A complete cleaning kit for a clean kitchen, by Ethamozhy Coir Cluster. Coir Fibre brushes clean better than plastics which tend to be slippery. The coir natural bristles are tough on dirt and soft on the surface to be cleaned, hence clean better and leave no marks. Safe to use on teflon/coated pans and utensils.

Key Features

  • Does not leave scratch marks on teflon and coated pans
  • Wooden handles
  • Forms excellent lather with soap
  • Bristles processed using 100% natural retting process. 100% natural coir fibre
  • No chemical treatments done to handles
  • Extremely handy and comfortable to hold

Care Instructions:
Leave the brush in a clean dry place after use, which will provide better life for the wooden handles
Coir bristles do not get spoilt in water
Do not leave in water for prolonged periods