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Almitra Sustainables : Coconut Fiber -Bone Brush


What’s in the pack?

01 Coconut Fiber -Dip Brush

Why Choose this?

Introducing Coconut Coir Dip Brush, for cleaning blender jars and other hard-to-clean kitchen equipment. This Brush is ergonomically designed with a long handle & tough coir bristles to get in those tight spots and do away with the food residues from your kitchen equipment.

Made from Coconut Coir and treated with natural oils for wood preservation, this Brush is naturally anti-bacterial, safe on hands & food safe. No toxins or chemicals are involved but simply the native Coconut Coir. Our Coconut Coir Dip Brush is Sustainable and proudly made in India by the Rural Artisans.

Key Benefits:

  • Free from Chemicals & Plastic
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Plant-based & Bio-degradable
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging