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AraniEco: Mintoo Toothpaste Tablets


Just bite, chew, brush & smile! No harsh chemicals, no plastic.

What’s in the pack?
1 jar containing 125 tablets

Why choose this?

The simple routine of brushing once (or twice!) a day was a revolutionary discovery in oral health and has strongly stood the test of time. The packaging though, has radically shifted from toothpowder in aluminum containers to toothpaste in multi-laminate plastic tubes. These often have up to 6 types of polymers, making them almost impossible to recycle. MINTOO to the rescue!

The unique formulation of these toothpaste tablets creates a creamy paste in your mouth, very similar to that of regular toothpaste. After nearly 18 months of R&D, MINTOO has been developed to care for sensitive teeth necks and dental enamel. Sodium fluoride helps prevent tartar and caries, and Microcrystalline cellulose gives your teeth a natural shine. The formulation is completely free of any animal products and toxic chemicals, to gently care for your teeth while being mindful of our environment.

USE: Take a tablet, and chew it till the large pieces break down and the paste formation starts. Wet your toothbrush, brush normally, and rinse! Donโ€™t forget to smile ๐Ÿ™‚

PACKAGING: The glass jar (with a metal lid) can be reused for any storage needs in your home. If not, they will be gladly accepted by your local recycler. We are also working on a jar-return/refill scheme and will share it as soon as possible.

Key Features

  • Free of animal products
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Plastic-free

Additional information

Weight 0.189 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 cm