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Bare Necessities : Peppermint Party Toothpaste


What’s in the pack?

01 Bare Necessities Peppermint Party Toothpaste.

Why choose this product?

Most toothpaste found in the market has an average of 21 chemical ingredients, many of which are harmful to our bodies while being packaged in plastic toothpaste tubes that typically end up in our landfills! Made of nothing but baking soda and organic oils, Bare Peppermint Party Toothpaste is a refreshing, sustainable and natural alternative while coming in earth-friendly packaging.

Key features:

  • The ingredients blend together with their various properties to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • product is made of Baking soda, Organic coconut oil , organic peppermint essential oil.
  • Reuse the glass jar for other household items or DIY ideas.

Care instruction:

  • Use within 3 months of manufacture.
  • Scoop a tiny dollop with a teaspoon onto your toothbrush (maybe a bamboo one) before every use.


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30gm, 200gm