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BubbleNut Wash : Natural Dish Wash Liquid (810ml)


What’s in the pack ?
One bottle of 810ml of BubbleNut Wash Natural Dishwash Liquid

Why choose this ?
Foaming agents in dish wash liquids and bars are harsh chemicals that irritate skin and pollute water bodies. Chapped hands from doing the dishes is a common complaint.Chemical residues of dish wash bars on utensils is a common sight and pose risk of ingesting chemicals with food.

Key benefits :

  • No chemical residues on dishes
  • Gentle on human skin. Hypoallergenic and pH5.5
  • No more chapped hands from doing dishes
  • Removes 99.5 percent microbes
  • Needs less water to rinse off suds
  • Ideal for washing baby’s bottles and accessories
  • Works well on oily vessels
  • Adds extra shine to utensils
  • Environment friendly fully bio-degradable


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