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BubbleNut Wash : Natural Hand Wash Liquid (1.8L)


What’s in the pack?
One bottle containing BubbleNut Wash Natural Hand Wash Liquid of 1800ml

Why choose this?
Foaming agents in liquid soaps are toxic chemicals that irritate skin. Commonly used anti-microbial agent – Triclosan, is known to create hormonal imbalances.BubbleNut Wash contains ‘Saponins’ – a natural foaming agent extracted from soapnuts, thus eliminating need for toxic chemicals, Saponins, along with neem, tulsi and haridra extracts are known to fight germs.
This product contains Saponin extract from Soapnuts, aqua, neem, tulsi & haridra extracts, xanthan gum, Ecocert certified coco-decyl glucoside (coconut oil derived cleansers), glycerine (natural moisturiser) sodium benzoate (food-grade preservative), IFRA certified allergen-free fragrance.And Nothing Else!

Key benefits :
• Gentle on sensitive skin,pH 5.5
• Leaves hand soft and moisturised
• Removes germs naturally
• Ideal for whole family including kids

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 34 cm