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BubbleNut Wash : Natural Hand Wash Liquid Fresh Basil(250ml)


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What’s in the pack?
2 bottles , each of 250ml, of BubbleNutWash Natural Hand Wash Liquid with Fresh Basil.

Why choose this?
Natural Hand Wash Liquid Fresh Basil is a pure aqueous extract of soapnuts hence it is mild on skin and perfect for washing hands without any harmful effect on the skin or nature. It is light on environment and fully bio-degradable, in fact the water after washing can be reused for gardening as there are no chemical grey elements. BubbleNut Wash Laundry Detergent is completely free from SLS, SLES, Sulphates, Phosphates, Artificial Fragrance, Artificial color, Bleach and Optical Brighteners. Foaming agent in detergents are harsh chemicals that irritate skin, damage fabrics and pollute river and lakes. BubbleNut Wash contains ‘saponin’ – a natural foaming agent extracted from soapnuts, thus eliminating need for chemical foaming agents

Key benefits :
• Mild on skin. Perfect for people with sensitive skin
• Effective hand cleanser
• Light on environment : After wash water is fully bio degradable and non toxic, and can be used to water plants
• Saves water : Does not leave much detergent residue
• Comes in a pump based dispenser which is easy to use and easy to refill


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