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JAVI: Glass Cleaner


 JAVI Glass Cleaner Powder

  • Concentrated Powder of 25 gm
  • Eco-friendly, cleans Window glass, refrigerator, dining table glass, laptop screen, TV screen etc.
  • 1 packet makes 500 ml Glass cleaner liquid.
  • Packet contains = 25 gm
  • Shelf life = 24 months
  • Tablet Types= Water Soluble
  • Suitable for = All types of glass, TV screens, etc.


JAVI Ecofriendly Glass Cleaner Powder 

Dissolve JAVI Glass Cleaner Powder in its bottle full of tap water, let it dissolve completely, and your non-toxic, eco-friendly, and affordable cleaner is all set.

  • Diluted for¬†regular use, Suitable for cleaning for¬†Window glass,¬†refrigerator, dining table glass, laptop screen, TV screen etc..
  • Fragrance = Leaves a Pleasant Fragrance
  • Packet contains = 25 gm powder = 500 ml Liquid
  • Shelf life = 24 months
  • Tablets type = Water soluble
  • Suitable for = Glass and screen

How to use:-

    • Take an empty bottle
    • Pour 500 ml water
    • Dissolve¬†JAVI GLASS CLEANER POWDER¬†into it
    • Shake the bottle and¬† let the liquid settle for 4-5 mins
    • Use warm water for fast dilution
    • Use the Toilet cleaner directly in the toilet Bowl

Product Ingredients: Baking Soda, Biodegradable foaming agent & oxidizing agent,
essential oil, colour

Packaging Details: This product is packaged in Biodegradable paper which
is 100% natural and Home compostable.

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500 ml, 1500 ml, 2000 ml, 3000 ml