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Rustic Art : Lemon Tamarind Dish Wash Concentrate


What’s in the pack?

One bottle of Rustic Art Lemon Tamarind Dish Wash Concentrate of 1100 ml

Why choose this?

Rustic Art Lemon Tamarind Dish Wash Concentrate is  a perfectly formulated blend to clean those harsh stains, greases, grime & odour while keeping those precious, hard working hands soft and safe! Lemon and Tamarind adds shine, removes harsh burns and sticky grease. Neem is anti-bacterial and Soap Nut aids in added cleaning benefits. Veg. Glycerin keeps your hands soft and supple.The new dish wash concentrate can clean the burnt utensils with ease without having to lose extra hours of hard work.

Key Benefits

  • Very little dish wash concentrate can be diluted for one set of dishes and utensils, with minimal work, minimal time, minimal water and utmost care for a long time.
  • Water Efficient: Requires less water to rinse off. Completely safe, free of sulfates, parabens and other toxic chemicals. Safe to use for baby dishes and utensils.


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