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Soaptreez : Natural Dishwash Bar (Pack of 2)


What’s in the pack?
02 Soaptreez Natural dish wash bar(500ml/5ltr).

Why choose this product?

All types of cookware including microwave cookware, ceramic and glassware can safely be washed using this bar. Since it contains many antimicrobial agents, they remove the microbes from the used utensils and make them safe for cooking. Soaptreez dish wash bar does not contain any strong and toxic chemical fragrances and artificial colors. Since this does not contain artificial chemical foam boosters, less water is required for rinsing. So it reduces water consumption also.  The used water can be recycled and used for gardening too.

Key benefits :

  • Soapnut Dishwash Bar is specially formulated with Soapnut extract concentrate, natural salts, and minerals.
  • Can be used to wash all types of cookware viz., glass, ceramic, copper, brass, micro ovenware, stainless steel, etc.,
  • Since made out of natural ingredients, safe for hands. So people with sensitive skin can also use this bar without worrying about skin rashes.
  • Even though grease and burnt food can easily be removed.
  • It does not cause scratches. So nonstick pans and pots can be washed with this bar safely.
  • Free from strong toxic chemical fragrances and artificial colors.
  • Soaptreez Dish-wash Bar is Handmade.

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5ltr, 500ml