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Miracle Enzyme: Rose Me | Multipurpose cleaner and room freshener


What’s in the pack?
This pack consists of 1lt and 5lt and 250ml of ROSE ME.(As per your selection)

Why choose this?

Most of us are familiar with outdoor air pollution but do we know that the air inside our homes can be more toxic than the air outside our homes?

Common household products like air fresheners, cleaning products, and personal care products contribute significantly to indoor air pollution.

Because they contain ingredients that are associated with various health effects, our constant exposure to air fresheners is cause for concern. Researchers have measured and identified air freshener chemicals that are linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, and effects from endocrine disruption. Not to mention a large portion of the population experiences headaches and respiratory difficulty from exposure to fragrance.

Miracle Enzyme brings you a chemical-free air freshener that not only makes the quality of air better but can also heal cuts and wounds and cure pimples.

Can be used as a disinfectant and a sanitizer.

Key Benefits:

Sustainable Organic and Chemical Free.

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